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Goolwa On Farm Equipment Clearing Sale

On Friday 26 May 2023 at 11:00 am our club was asked to conduct a BBQ with drinks at an auction of farm equipment, on site at a farm on Skewes Road, Goolwa. It was a simple request to cater for up to two hundred people. The day started off wet, making the site very muddy and hard to set up the marquee and BBQ area. It became very windy; we could not have all the sides of the marquee attached. Then came the onslaught of rain, which due to the now intense wind was vertical. We backed ourselves into the marquee but were still being pounded with rain. The marquee attempted to lift off, like the space shuttle, pulling the pegs out of the ground almost taking shocked Lions members with it. The mud on our boots had made us all taller and the cold had stiffened us up. We must have looked like zombies walking around the marquee.

Eventually the weather eased off, we made a fair number of sales, but nothing like we hoped for. The auction company felt the same. But as always, the Lions were there come rain or shine. The businesses who use our services know we are dependable and will use us again. Regardless of the horrid wet cold conditions, we still enjoyed each other’s company and unbelievably had a laugh.